Yoga Teaching

The breath is the key to the jewel

There are many different types or paths of Yoga and each individual will find the path and teacher that is right for them (Yoga or otherwise).

In Yoga there are three main components:

  • Asana – postures
  • Pranayama – Breathing
  • Meditation – Training the mind to become one-pointed

Any good Yoga class will be a combination of the three.  Together they form the basis of the science of the body that is ‘Yoga’.  I teach yoga to all: whether you have never been to a class or are looking for a new teacher, you are welcome.

Below you’ll find some blurb on the styles that I teach, Hatha, Lady Niguma and Mindful Yoga.

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Lady Niguma Yoga

Transforming the inner world

Lady Niguma Yoga is the oldest series of yogic asana, pranayama, mudra (hand gestures), banda (internal seals) meditation and relaxation known to have been recorded and designed by a female Yoga master.  It is at least 1000 years old.

It is designed to transform the inner body and to eliminate negative emotions which stop the prana flowing freely in our bodies. When we change our inner bodies then our outside world changes as a result. We work on placing our thoughts where we would like the prana (energy) to flow, and on releasing each Chakra so that the prana can flow freely.

Lady Niguma Yoga has a long lineage, disseminating from her student Kyungpo Neljor to include the second Dalai Lama Gendun GyatsoGeshe Michael Roach and my own teacher Cathy Mae Karelse.

Once you have learnt the series then you can take it home and use it as a daily practice of 30 minutes.  It will reduce your stress, keep you feeling vibrant, and has the capacity to transform your life.

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