Essalen Massage / Bodywork

The art of conscious touch, non-sexual and unconditional

Being cared for, being held, being seen as you are, without judgement.

The tradition of Esalen Massage includes many elements. Types of massage which feed into the tradition include Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, and Feldenkraus. Treatment ranges from gentle to deep tissue, involving passive movement of the limbs which greatly increases the release in muscles and ligaments. I specialize in treating physical, emotional and mental blockages through deep relaxation.

A session always includes a discussion before and after massage – and sometimes during it if appropriate – and usually lasts 90 minutes. When it is beneficial, I am able to weave other traditions into the experience: Mantra, Sound Healing, Singing Bowls, Reiki, Meditation and Yoga.

Just as everyone is different, so every massage is unique. Even when there are particular ailments the body is treated as whole, the idea being that the well parts get stronger and support the weaker parts.

No matter what your condition, Esalen massage is an experience like no other.

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